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Asbestos Exposure in California

Exposed to Asbestos at your Job?
Have you been wrongfully exposed to asbestos at your job? See a list with the most common jobs where exposure happened.
Asbestos Companies in CA
Asbestos companies need to follow certain rules and regulations and protect employees of asbestos exposure.
Asbestos Mines in California
See a list with asbestos mines through out California state. Have you worked in a mine and have health problems?
Buildings with Asbestos in CA
Older buildings may contain dangerous asbestos levels. See a list with the oldest buildings from California that could have exposed you to asbestos.
Schools with Asbestos in CA
See a list with the schools in California may contain asbestos. Stay informed about asbestos dangers!
California Asbestos Landfills
See a list with landfills containing asbestos throughout California. Landfills located close to residential areas may affect your health!
Naturally Occurring Asbestos in California Areas
Asbestos is a dangerous mineral that develops under certain conditions. See a list with all the areas and sites where asbestos is naturally occurring!


Asbestos Companies in California

California is one of the states that have some of the highest numbers of asbestos related diseases reported each year. This partly due to asbestos exposure at the work place, but victims also reported that they were exposed to asbestos at home.

What kind of services can I find?

Asbestos exposure can take place in many environments, especially at home, if your house contains damaged asbestos materials. You may want to contact an asbestos company for the following:

  • Asbestos removal and abatement services
  • Replacing the removed materials with non asbestos ones
  • Testing of your house against asbestos
  • Counseling when purchasing materials that could contain asbestos (although it has been banned for several decades, the market can still contain such materials)

Asbestos removal is vital for the safety of you and your family. It is the best way to avoid asbestos exposure. The asbestos removal company you contacted will also provide with important services such as disposal of hazardous waste (even non-asbestos waste). Waste has to be transported to special disposal sites.

Other asbestos companies in California

There are still companies that use asbestos for their industrial processes because it provides with the important characteristic of high heat resistance. Some of these companies are starting to become bankrupt, which is why you will probably be able to find several of them for sale.

They are turning bankrupt for two reasons. One is that asbestos materials are not allowed on the market any more, and the second is that several of their former employees have been undertaking legal actions. In these malignant mesothelioma lawsuits the jury usually awards large amounts of money in the form of compensation for wrongful exposure cases. The database of companies that had to compensate for their negligence is large, and California lawyers specialized in mesothelioma trials say that litigations between employer and employees have grown in number over the last 5 years. Contact an asbestos lawyer in California if you find yourself in such a situation.

Experts and leading authorities in the field see an increase in the number of bankrupt asbestos companies, and even in California, companies that use asbestos as an ingredient in their products have disappeared one by one. This, experts hope, will stop the number of mesothelioma victims from growing in a maximum of 10 years.

Please feel free to contact California mesothelioma organization. We can provide with useful information concerning asbestos and mesothelioma in California, and we do so for free.