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Asbestos Exposure in California

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Asbestos Companies in CA
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Asbestos Mines in California
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Asbestos Banned in California

As a result of mesothelioma doctors and experts being certain that asbestos is the main cause of mesothelioma and other deadly diseases, the ban on this type of mineral has been put in the United States between 1970 and 1980, as well as in California. Unfortunately, it has only been banned from the general market, while it is still being used in many industrial processes that require a heat resistant material.

Government officials and California asbestos attorneys have been trying to ban the use of asbestos all together, but since the large corporations have been against this measure, threatening to fire lots of people, this has not been possible yet.

When was asbestos banned in California?

Legislation containing the ban on asbestos has only been issued in the late 1980’s, but asbestos in California has been banned long before that, almost a decade passing after the first laws were instated.

California asbestos bill

The most up to date version of the asbestos bill contains regulations that should take asbestos exposure to a minimum. Any asbestos related diseases can prove fatal, so in order to avoid them, some of the following rules are recommended to be strictly obeyed:

  • Use your protection and safety equipment at all times (especially for asbestos workers)
  • Leave the clothes you have been working in at the work place because most types of fabric can easily carry asbestos fibers
  • Any company that uses asbestos fibers has to let its’ workers know about the dangers and provide them with protective equipment licensed by the state
  • Do not allow damaged asbestos products to remain in the working environment
  • When disposing of asbestos materials, do so in a safe way, in thick plastic bags, and send the waste at a specialized waste disposal facility

Malignant mesothelioma, and any kind of asbestos disease for that matter, is deadly and very difficult to treat, and the only known thing to cause such diseases is exposure to asbestos, regardless, some times, of the dosage. A ban on this mineral has been in most countries, especially those with a high number of cases reported each year.

Asbestos awareness organizations have disease awareness programs that help people understand the dangers. Cancer patients and all other asbestos victims have specially established medical facilities for treatment and constant care. Unfortunately, the EPA says that these medical centers will have a constant flow of mesothelioma patients until the moment that asbestos is completely banned and from all the countries of the world.

For more details, do not hesitate to contact California mesothelioma organization. It is completely free.