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Asbestos Exposure in California

Exposed to Asbestos at your Job?
Have you been wrongfully exposed to asbestos at your job? See a list with the most common jobs where exposure happened.
Asbestos Companies in CA
Asbestos companies need to follow certain rules and regulations and protect employees of asbestos exposure.
Asbestos Mines in California
See a list with asbestos mines through out California state. Have you worked in a mine and have health problems?
Buildings with Asbestos in CA
Older buildings may contain dangerous asbestos levels. See a list with the oldest buildings from California that could have exposed you to asbestos.
Schools with Asbestos in CA
See a list with the schools in California may contain asbestos. Stay informed about asbestos dangers!
California Asbestos Landfills
See a list with landfills containing asbestos throughout California. Landfills located close to residential areas may affect your health!
Naturally Occurring Asbestos in California Areas
Asbestos is a dangerous mineral that develops under certain conditions. See a list with all the areas and sites where asbestos is naturally occurring!


Asbestos Abatement in California

Since recent years, asbestos abatement or removal has been required by law in California for all types of buildings in a certain level of finishing. This is because most buildings still contain high levels of asbestos in California, especially older ones.

California asbestos abatement law

In California all abatement activities are regulated by law, because more and more people have resorted to removing asbestos themselves, without any kind of proper protection and safety equipment. These laws regulate several aspects of asbestos abatement jobs, such as:

  • All licensed equipment required for a job
  • Supplies
  • Techniques used to remove asbestos
  • Asbestos disposal requirements of the extracted asbestos materials

Asbestos abatement contractors

The law in California regarding asbestos abatement clearly states that only contractors with valid certification are able to provide with asbestos abatement work. The procedure that needs to be followed is also described in the regulations. Firstly, a certified or licensed building inspector has to be contacted in order to provide with the necessary documents for the job. After the inspector has approved with all equipment that will be used, and the supplies needed are the site, the asbestos abatement can start.

Asbestos abatement companies are all certified in the area of California, so if you are based in the state you can be sure that all asbestos abatement work you have asked for will be safe and effective.

You are not required by law to have asbestos removed from your house unless it is used for some sort of commercial activity, but experts recommend that you do so in order to keep you and your family safe against any type of diseases that asbestos might cause.

As far as financial aspects are concerned, you should know that asbestos abatement work will not be very expensive, with 3 to 5 dollars per linear feet of asbestos material removed. Remember that in some cases all or part of the costs will be handled by government funding.

You should also know that every asbestos contractor is also able to replace the materials removed with others that have the same characteristics but without the asbestos content. This replacing procedure means higher costs, but fewer problems for you. Consider that most contractors offer a lower price if you want both jobs to be done, so you might end up saving some money.

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