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Asbestos Exposure in California

Exposed to Asbestos at your Job?
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Asbestos Companies in CA
Asbestos companies need to follow certain rules and regulations and protect employees of asbestos exposure.
Asbestos Mines in California
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Buildings with Asbestos in CA
Older buildings may contain dangerous asbestos levels. See a list with the oldest buildings from California that could have exposed you to asbestos.
Schools with Asbestos in CA
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California Asbestos Landfills
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Naturally Occurring Asbestos in California Areas
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Asbestos Landfills in California

Due to the fact that California has many sources of friable asbestos, landfills to dispose of the waste properly were needed. Asbestos landfills are far from any public area, and by that they provide with safety.

Asbestos landfill sites in California

There are several asbestos exposure landfills in California, all built to meet strict specifications and regulations. Waste landfills can dispose of any type of dangerous material, but for asbestos special landfills had to be developed, that do not allow for visible emissions to travel into the air. Here are some ways these landfills can achieve that:

  • Any type of solid waste is put into special sealed bins
  • Disposal of friable asbestos and smaller chunks is done with the aid of water, either the waste is constantly sprayed or it is completely submerged in water
  • Road landfills only use bins
  • Sanitary landfills will process the asbestos waste and turn into a harmless substance that can be burnt

Asbestos landfill warning signs

Any asbestos landfill in California needs to have warning signs notifying anyone that they have reached a dangerous area. It would not be of much use to any one that asbestos is removed from a home, only to infect other people that go bye it every day.

This is one of the reasons that these types of landfills are established in remote areas, where normal people don’t have access. If you see any warning signs, please keep away, it is for your own good.

Landfills have to be constantly cared for, in order to be able to keep receiving all waste types. Some of these wastes can be recycled, but not asbestos. For those land fills, maintenance work is required on a constant level, and from time to time, large amounts of asbestos are transported to a larger landfill.

Asbestos workers at such landfills have to obey strict rules when at a workplace, similar to those that work in asbestos companies or industrial facilities. They are required to use masks and respirators when sorting, disposing or depositing waste, including friable asbestos. Yes, heavy machinery is doing the job for them, but asbestos fibers travel into the air that they breathe, so protection is vital.

Please feel free to contact California mesothelioma organization whenever you need information regarding asbestos or mesothelioma cancer in California. We are glad to help with any kind of advice, and we do it for free.